Friday, August 15, 2008

The (re) start of something

My employer has finally issued a policy on external blogs and wiki participation. We're not early adopters -- many companies have such policies in place -- but this means I can say who I work for in a public forum without any fear that someone, somewhere in the corporate hierarchy will take exception to such a statement.

I've had a blog before -- the late and unlamented "" -- but back then, I never said who I worked for and I rarely told anyone at work that I was blogging.

This is an extraordinary change that most people outside the company won't appreciate: back in the bad old days, we never participated in industry standards efforts or helped to develop open source software. It's one more sign that the corporate culture has changed. We're even (somewhat) encouraged to contribute to public discussions of our products as long as several (mostly common sense) rules are followed.

The company? CA Inc., formerly known as Computer Associates. And it's good to be able to say that I'm proud to work for CA, and to recognize how far we've come since I joined CA 9 years ago.